It’s not a Truck. It’s a Ranger Raptor

The Most Anticipated UTE

A NEW style of ute is coming next soon to Australia designed to appeal to men who like big toys. It the most exciting vehicle since the Ford Mustang.

the Ranger ‘Raptor’ will have aggressive bodywork and a pumped up ride height. Ranger Raptor is no wannabe. It’s a purpose-built vehicle, no holds-barred, factory ready off-road truck. This isn’t an upgrade. Or an improved feature. This is a 100% off-road ready wonder engineered to take on whatever terrain you choose.


One look at the Ranger Raptor and you know this is no ordinary truck. It’s the first factory-ready off-road performance truck. Totally redesigned from the wheels up with Ford Performance DNA injected into every terrain dominating part.

raptor engine

Engine & Powertrain

Ranger Raptor’s powertrain was chosen to deliver high power and torque outputs with minimum weight. Ford’s latest technology BiTurbo diesel engine and first ever 10-Speed transmission combine to deliver excellent off-road performance while also ensuring the driver is in the right gear at the right time.

raptor chassis


The unique Ranger Raptor ladder frame chassis was reengineered and strengthened with High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel to meet the tough demands that off road performance driving commands. Tested extensively in the harshest desert environments in both Australia and the USA, the Ranger Raptor chassis delivers maximum toughness and high-spec performance.

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