Hi Hamilton,

Attaching a couple of the photos that were taken when we picked up our beautiful new mustang that you asked for.

Also attaching a few photos of our own “unveiling” that we had at our home on Sunday. Because of the rain, we had the unveiling in our shed, followed by afternoon tea, drinks and nibbles in our home and on our terrace. It was a great afternoon with 45 of our family and friends who braved the horrible weather.

The compliments we received from our guests were plentiful, they were impressed with the many accessories that are unique to the mustang, namely the picture of the mustang on the floor and the illuminated mustang on the door sill. Our framed picture of our car was met with interest showing the “pony” numberplates and they were surprised when we said that it was a gift from Sinclair Ford. They all commented on the fantastic vests we received and the VIP package. The vests are a perfect fit. Of course the men wanted to hear the engine run and have a look under the bonnet while the ladies were mostly satisfied with the exterior and interior finishes. Don’t know if we will ever work out all the gadgets though!!!

Anyway, Ed and I want to say a big “thank you” for all the work that you have put into this amazing car being brought into our country with right-hand drive. I can only imagine the incredible amount of hours and “brain power” you have spent, but I think for you it is also a “labour of love”.

Your service to us exceeded expectations.

Many, many thanks.

Bernie Quinn

Hi Mate,

As promised, here is a short description of my experience with the Mustang so far.

The service from the Sinclair Ford team was first rate. I know most of the team already, so I was expecting good service and a friendly welcome. Well, they exceeded my expectations.

I always aim for an emotional connection with my cars, because I am passionate about cars. I can’t explain why, but I have always been and it is what it is. I think most Mustang owners will be the same.

The preparation of the car by Sinclair Ford was speedy and faultless. I was made to feel special from the moment I was picked up by Hammo at the airport. My car looked menacing, even under the car cover. Once it was revealed I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Then I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel and kick the pony in the guts!

I picked up my car at the same time as John, who has purchased a Magnetic manual fastback. The cars looked fantastic together in the showroom.

Hammo presented both John and I with a framed printed image of our cars, which was an unexpected gift. This sort of thing just does not usually happen when you buy a car. I have never felt so special when making a vehicle purchase. Immediately the emotional connection with my car became stronger. I’ll probably never sell it…

I live in Melbourne so my drive home was a long one! I left Sinclair Ford around 7pm Thursday, bound for Melbourne town. It was forced to drive home overnight as I had a busy schedule on Friday. The journey home was not only painless, it was exciting and joyful.

I am so glad I finally found someone who wanted to sell Fords great Mustang product! I have filled in more Ford Mustang customer forms than I care to remember with not one response, until YOU Hamilton Urquhart 1 hour after making contact I’d paid my deposit and purchased my Mustang.

The highlights of the car are as follows:

Appearance – it looks better the more you look at. Driving position – Low, snug and ergonomically perfect. Steering – The steering is solid on-centre and beautifully responsive. The steering efforts can be increased and decreased via the mode control button. I liked the Sport setting on the highway as it made it easier to maintain a straight path and comfort around town for the light effort. Gearshift – Lighter, quicker and more direct than the heavier manual gearboxes of the past. The shift in the Mustang is up there with the best Engine/Exhaust noise – It sounds like a V8 should, with good bassy notes and a linear build of noise through the rev range

The engine feels responsive and free-revving, if not as angry as the Miami engine. It’s a different beast to an FPV GT or FG-X XR8 engine, but just as enjoyable. By the way, Fuel Consumption is sitting around 10 L/100km, and I haven’t spared the ponies (pardon the pun) so far.

Anyway, thanks again to Hammo and the team at Sinclair Ford. My Mustang purchase experience couldn’t have been better.

Bernie Quinn

Thank you so much for being a human, the world needs more people like you. I think Ford Dealers are scared of saying there’s a 12 months wait, I’m absolutely positive it will be worth the wait! I’ll be there for all the Mustang Members Garage days and I’m very excited you offer such a range of activities for like minded owners who love their cars. Attached are some pictures of the other toys in my garage. Thanks again.

Richard Fricker

I met Hammo about 5/6 years ago when I was keen to attend one of his track days he ran for his FPV customers. At first he resisted extending me an invitation, only after my persistence did he finally agree to grant me the opportunity. He ran a very closed shop catering only for his FPV customers, I told him one day I’d buy a car from him. The thing that struck me that day was the relationship Hammo had with his customers/owners – they actually liked him. They were his friends, my previous purchasing experience was poor and the last thing I would want was to be socially involved with my dealer – not that he’d ever go to any such an effort to engage his customers following delivery.

I’ve since purchased two FPV utes, (the last one a GTF ute), a Fiesta, a Territory, a Transit and now a new Mustang. When any of my vehicles require servicing I drive from Canberra to Penrith so his Service Team can take care of my cars. Like them, I run a business and build strong relationships, I go beyond to ensure my customers are totally satisfied. Sinclair Ford staff know me by my first name, they make me feel welcome in service, to sales team and their business team – sure I’m their customer but I appreciate the interest and care the show in me.

I had the pleasure of joining Sinclair Ford’s USA tour to check out the new Mustang and the US. The new model looks elegant, sharp Mustang with some old school features in it. Looking forward to seeing it on the road in Australia. Thanks Hammo and Sinclair Ford for such a hell of a trip, we certainly covered some ground and took in some fantastic sights. When I look back and consider what we did, where we went and many of the places we had access to (Ford Detroit) I will remain a Sinclair Ford customer for life. They know their business, more importantly they’re interested in me as their customer and simply – we’ve become good friends. The events they create attract like minded people (customers) who enjoy their performance cars and share the passion. Thanks for your continued support.

Chris Heiniger – Director Heiniger Joinery

I was introduced to Sinclair Ford, Hammo and James through a friend who’d purchased a number of Ford and FPV vehicles from them over the years. My friend invited me to join him on a three week tour to the United States arranged by Hammo and the Sinclair Ford team. The trip coincided with the launch of the new iconic Mustang on its 50th Anniversary. Having loved the Mustang for many years, it was a great opportunity – one I couldn’t resist.

For three weeks (in April 2014) our group travelled the US extensively, it far exceeded my expectations. From the noise, sights and smell of NASCAR at Darlington Raceway to the incredible access we were given at the Historical Archives in Ford Detroit and the incredible Rouge Ford Plant Tour. We witnessing the famous relaunch 50 years on of the latest model Mustang at the top of the Empire State Building.

We had special event access to the New York Motor Show and driving all flavours of Mustangs on Route 66 with a group of like minded enthusiast. There were many memorable experiences including a Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon and the Pretty NASCAR Experience at Las Vegas Speedway – I’ve been asked to keep this brief.

While the tour in itself was remarkable, it was evident from the experiences and trials (nothing quite goes to plan) while travelling with Hammo and James over that time that they have a great respect and care for their customers and they went above and beyond to ensure the trip was a huge success.

I can’t speak highly enough of them and the experience they provided and I guarantee when I’m in the market for my next Ford I know where I will be purchasing, they’re my Dealer now.

Ken Harper IT and Communications Consultant

My Sinclair Ford experience commenced a few years ago now with an introduction to Hammo by John Bowe. We’d been working on a signature wheel program together independently of the dealership and it was only a matter of time before Hammo became involved, as a result of looking for a unique wheel package for his valued FPV clients. Always looking for an innovative edge to offer customers in his beyond FPV purchase experience, Hammo and our company subsequently put a number of successful aftermarket wheel programs together over the ensuing years. It does not take more than a brief encounter with Hammo, to realise his knowledge, insight and passion for Ford Performance products and the same is the case with Mustang on it’s way. So back in late 2012, I too, like so many loyal customers and business associates before me, entrusted Hammo with an order for an FPV – a GTR-Spec. The car is beyond exceptional in every respect and so has been the after sales experience, led by Hammo, Chris Jones and the Service team at Sinclair Ford. Should I decide to add another Mustang to my collection, then I would give Sinclair Ford the business without a second thought.

Greg Russell – Managing Director – Speedy Corporation Pty Limited