Sinclair Ford Performance – MUSTANG Service Program

It is understandable most of your focus will be aimed at delivery of your new MUSTANG, it’s an exciting time – you’ve been waiting for this moment forever. We know you’d like to believe your dealer has the backend to support your MUSTANG purchase, it’s not until you might have a concern that you will see the structure Sinclair Ford Performance have built for our MUSTANG customers. We’ve had the past decade to refine the service aspect of our Performance Service Centre with our Ford Performance Vehicles and we understand how to deliver the ‘best practise’ for our service customers.

Sure we as a Ford Dealer have the resources in terms of Ford provided support. Beyond that, we have built a relationship with some key people who on many occasions have been our ‘go to guy’ when we are confronted with abnormal/not previously seen issues in our high performance FPV’s.

I’m certain no dealer will tell his customers their dealership called Sinclair Ford to ask for their help in diagnosing a technical/complex issue – it happens frequently. Our reputation in the service arena stretches across the nation – a Perth dealer called to seek our advice on a GT they had a difficulty in identifying the fault. When we asked why he called us, he ‘was aware Sinclair Ford has a reputation for being very active in the Service of FPV and considered specialists’ within the network’.

Given the level of our commitment, it’s nice when our peers recognised the great work done by our team. It’s this level of knowledge, understanding, determination and resources we have available, it will play an integral part in our delivery of the best ownership experience. Try us!

Our MUSTANG Members Service Garage will include:

  • A dedicated Ford Factory Trained technician who works permanently in our MUSTANG Garage, he is our most experienced technician on staff, he will service your MUSTANG each time it’s here.
  • A dedicated MUSTANG Service program that could include our valet service or a loan car while your MUSTANG is being serviced by our dedicated MUSTANG Technician.
  • When your MUSTANG is here for Service – we will also detail (wash and vacuum) your MUSTANG.
  • We have access to some of the smartest engineering minds with in the Ford world, occasionally we elect to call them for advice/opinion in rare technical matters.
  • As a Sinclair Ford MUSTANG Members Garage Member you will receive invitation to our Track Days – our MUSTANG tech will attend to ensure your time at the circuit is free of any mechanical mishaps.
  • Sinclair Ford have always been at the forefront when our customers are undertaking personalising or enhancing their MUSTANG. We provide advice/consultation should you be considering any changes.
  • In the event you a problem while on the road in your MUSTANG, we have a local tilt tray operator who works with us to ensure the best care is taken of you and your MUSTANG.

The most significant aspect of your MUSTANG Service at Sinclair Ford Performance is we will always support you and your MUSTANG. Our sales process involves your MUSTANG deliver (handover) is conducted by Sinclair Ford’s Service Manager – Chris Jones so he can build and maintain a Service Program relationship.