First Drive 2015 Mustang

MUSTANG has captured the imagination of motoring public in Australia, the first MUSTANG’s arrive in November for expectant owners. In excess of 3,000 orders have been placed, a significant number of those by Sinclair Ford MUSTANG Members Garage people.

We recently drove the new MUSTANG – that’s right! Sinclair Ford are the only Ford Dealer (in Australia) to drive the new MUSTANG – along with a few of our very fortunate MUSTANG customers. We spend our time searching for gems like this one in an effort to deliver beyond our customers’ expectations … this is another example of how hard we strive to go beyond!

This is an example of the relationships we’ve build over the years and the deep level of connections we have both in and out of the industry. Our network of relationships is the likes most people in our industry would not understand. On the other hand, ask our customers who benefit and enjoy such rare privileges .. wouldn’t you want those benefits when you purchase your new MUSTANG!

Given, the significance of the occasion we invited Australian Motorsport Legend – John Bowe to join us. JB is arguably one of the most knowledgeable car people in Australia, he jumped at the chance to be the first to drive MUSTANG at Adelaide’s Mallala Raceway – a circuit he knows well.

Sure, there’s been plenty written/said about our new MUSTANG – we’ve driven MUSTANG! We can speak with considerable understand of the driving dynamics, handing and the pleasure you’ll experience with your new Sinclair Ford MUSTANG. Enjoy …

Wakefield Park Day

Sinclair Ford Performance has conducted High Performance Track Days (for our owners) for the past eight years. Given we’ve sold plenty of FPV’s we think it only right we create an opportunity for our owners to drive in a spirited fashion in their new car with the appropriate level of coaching.

Wakefield Park was selected because it’s a very technical circuit and has substantial ‘run off’ – that means fences and walls are in ‘another post code’ so to speak. We wanted the safest environment for our people, not all of our owners are racers. They enjoy the scope to drive their car and enjoy it’s capabilities while learning lots about their car and themselves.

In an effort to ensure we provide the best – we engage three/four coaches who work with small groups of drivers and help them ‘grow’ throughout the day. We start with a track walk and an explanation of each corner, understanding approach, entry, apex and exit – the mechanics of the circuit are understood and they are tought how to ‘flow their car’. The day is devoted to practise what the coach has imparted, sounds like a lot of heavy stuff …

That is until Australian Motor Sport Legend John Bowe offers a little seat time with our drivers, most elect to have JB cut some laps while they sit and watch the master deliver a few of the best laps they’ll ever experience in their life. John Bowe is a regular at Sinclair Ford Performance Events …. make sure you don’t miss one of many opportunities join in the fun or talk motorsport with one of the sports greats – he’s a very interesting/humble man.

See you at our next Sinclair Ford Performance Event.

Cheers Hammo