First Drive 2015 Mustang

One of the pillar events on the Sinclair Ford FPV/Mustang Members Garage calendar is our Annual Sinclair Ford – John Bowe ‘ Challenge The Champ’ This year’s event was our largest field to date, so big we needed to split our guys into two groups with hotly contested races.

How often would a fella/our gal have the chance to race an Australian Motorsport legend like John Bowe? If you’re a Sinclair Ford customer, it happens frequently. Challenge The Champ was first run in 2009 and has grown eack year to this years FULL grid.

John Bowe was fresh from his 1000th race start a few weeks prior (at Sydney Motorsport Park) in great form just having returned from the Goodwood Festival (in the UK) … so he had plenty of race miles under his belt (haha) and he was quickly at one in his famous No 18 kart.

JB rates Eastern Creek International Karting raceway as one of the finest in Australia with it’s fast flowing corners and says it has a very ‘European feel’ design layout. After sign on and it was time for a our first practise session – it’s was obvious from the times (recorded) we have a few smokies in the field! Practise done and race one is underway, followed by a reverse grid race (from where you finished in race 1). Each race carries accumulated points for seedings into the final at the end of the day. Group 1 breaks and group two takes to the circuit … JB, he’s still in his No 18 kart doing it all again.

A BBQ lunch is served by Pepperberry Catering (our Sinclair Ford Event caterer). During the luncheon break the stories grow by a significant proportion. After lunch it’s the ‘Race of Truth’ – the one lap dash against the clock in our – Shoot Out. All eyes are glued to the timing screen as the lap times tumble. As we get to the ‘pointy end’ of the Shoot Out- Craig Woods reels off a very impressive time as JB climbs into his 18 kart for his outlap. In well less than a minute JB greets the chequered flag and is pipped in the Shoot by less than 2/100th’s of a second. – that’s super close. Well done Craig Woods.

We know Woodsy has some form – he races in the Aussie Cars category with the Western Sydney Motorsport team run out of Penrith by Craig/Grant Thompson who all race Mustang’s and are valuable customers of Sinclair Ford … so it’s a bit of full circle stuff!

Following the Shoot Out, we had Race three, and race four which is a progressive grid (start where you finished the previous race) … and do your best. Remembering each race earns points, after four races and the Shoot Out the field is divided into two groups for the ‘Challenge The Champ Final’ and the Consolation Cup.

The racing was spirited and willing where ambition often overtakes ability … it adds to a sensational day and everyone took home their story of how they raced John Bowe. Spare a thought for John Bowe – he competed in nine races and contested two finals.

In the end, the cream rises to the top and our Stars and trophy recipients were – · Challenge the Champ Winner – Craig Woods · Challenge The Champ Runner Up – Mick Spiteri · CTC Consolation Cup Winner – Dean Hand · CTC Shoot Out Winner – Craig Woods · CTC Most Consistent – David Sainsbury Finally, a Special Mention for Clare Woods (Craig’s wife) who was our only girl racer. Clare was Runner Up in the Consolation Cup … clearly the racing gene in their family. We hope to see you next time we’re on the grid for Challenge The Champ with John Bowe … stay tuned for more Mustang Members Garage events coming soon!

2015 mustang test drive with JB

We are very please to share the recent drive of a 2015 Mustang with our good mate John Bowe. Join us while JB takes us on a few laps of Mallala Raceway (in South Australia), he’s regarded as one of the most knowledgeable car people in the country. He has driven/raced almost everything ever built and had a significant development driver role of XR6/8’s in the early ninties with Ford and more recently with Ford Performance Vehicles .. add that to his stellar forty five year race career you’d reckon this fella knows a bit or two about cars.

It was raining lightly (not that you’d know) and JB was on road tyres, which made for some pretty interesting laps. For us, it was great to have an opportunity to drive the Mustang .. and I guess when we talk Mustang @ Sinclair Ford, we are the only Dealer who had this opportunity … so I guess it’s a significant change from simply reading about Mustang – which is what all Dealers have had to date.

Enjoy the ride …

Channel 9 – Ford Mustang Receives Flash New Look Just for Australia

You know you’ve made the big time when you are the lead story on the 6PM Channel 9 News. Here’s the story filed direct from the US MUSTANG Plant in Flat Rock. It certainly caused a spike in MUSTANG enquiries, have you ordered yours?

First Drive 2015 Mustang

MUSTANG has captured the imagination of motoring public in Australia, the first MUSTANG’s arrive in November for expectant owners. In excess of 3,000 orders have been placed, a significant number of those by Sinclair Ford MUSTANG Members Garage people.

We recently drove the new MUSTANG – that’s right! Sinclair Ford are the only Ford Dealer (in Australia) to drive the new MUSTANG – along with a few of our very fortunate MUSTANG customers. We spend our time searching for gems like this one in an effort to deliver beyond our customers’ expectations … this is another example of how hard we strive to go beyond!

This is an example of the relationships we’ve build over the years and the deep level of connections we have both in and out of the industry. Our network of relationships is the likes most people in our industry would not understand. On the other hand, ask our customers who benefit and enjoy such rare privileges .. wouldn’t you want those benefits when you purchase your new MUSTANG!

Given, the significance of the occasion we invited Australian Motorsport Legend – John Bowe to join us. JB is arguably one of the most knowledgeable car people in Australia, he jumped at the chance to be the first to drive MUSTANG at Adelaide’s Mallala Raceway – a circuit he knows well.

Sure, there’s been plenty written/said about our new MUSTANG – we’ve driven MUSTANG! We can speak with considerable understand of the driving dynamics, handing and the pleasure you’ll experience with your new Sinclair Ford MUSTANG. Enjoy …

First Drive 2015 Mustang

The MUSTANG release has captured the imagination of car people the world over. The announcement of a right hand drive model has created motoring excitement not seen in Australia previously. MUSTANG is one of the biggest name plates in world and the first shipment is due to arrive in Australia in December.

Sinclair Ford was previously a FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) Dealer and have a clear understanding of our performance customers. Simply, MUSTANG is a car of choice … not one of need! We’ve created our Exclusive MUSTANG ownership program to reflect MUSTANG owner’s expectations.

Sinclair Ford has created our exclusive MUSTANG Member’s Garage, designed to deliver the best ownership experience in the Ford world. Sinclair Ford understands the performance business like no other, we have a reputation of delivering the best ‘whole of motoring life experience’ to our performance customers.

Hamilton Urquhart is our ‘MUSTANG Specialist’ and drives our Sinclair Ford Performance platform, our focus has always been our customers, building programs to deliver beyond their expectations. We see the most significant decision when purchasing is choosing your selling dealer: we ask potential customers to take into consideration what is planned for them beyond delivery? Beyond the sale, Sinclair Ford Performance is committed! Sinclair Ford Performance is the only Dealership executing exclusive MUSTANG programs.

MUSTANG buyer’s expectations are beyond those who purchase generic Ford products. It’s about passion for one of the world’s most loved and desirable Marques. In 2014 Sinclair Ford Performance hosted a seventeen day US MUSTANG Tour for our customers who expressed an interest in purchasing the new MUSTANG.

That included a visit to: Detroit, the MUSTANG Archive Centre, the Henry Ford Museum, the MUSTANG 50th Anniversary celebration on the Empire State Building,

a guided industry tour of the New York Motor Show, a Yankees baseball game, attending a NASCAR race and a NASCAR ride experience included meeting up with Aussie Marcus Ambrose for a chat. Did we mention helicopter flights over New York and the Grand Canyon, an Elton John concert in Las Vegas and a visit to Carroll Shelby’s work shop. The highlight for our people was the drive from Las Vegas to Palm Springs (overnight) and onto Los Angeles on the famous Route 66 in a convoy of MUSTANGS.

We finished our tour with a visit to the Petersen Motor Museum in LA and spent a few days relaxing before heading home. We plan to the US again in 2016 and share this fantastic opportunity with our new MUSTANG Garage Members, there’s an opportunity for your to join us heading to the US!

In our eyes, events of this nature are what we strive to deliver: this is indicative of the lengths we go to ensure your MUSTANG ownership will be the best available in the MUSTANG world – that’s our promise! We have built a dedicated MUSTANG Service Program that includes pickup and delivery/or a loan car while your MUSTANG is being serviced by our dedicated MUSTANG Technician. Our tech will work exclusively in our MUSTANG Members Garage to ensure your MUSTANG will be in the best hands.

I welcome an opportunity to provide further information about our Sinclair Ford Performance MUSTANG Members Garage. Our focus is our customers and building programs that deliver beyond their expectations. If you’d like to confirm a time – I would be pleased to provide further information. If it’s easier/more convenient, I can come to you, we’ve done so many times. I look forward to catching up soon. Thanks for your interest and taking time to consider the information provided – MUSTANG Members Garage is Home for your new MUSTANG!